Sunday, July 10, 2011

felt rossette topiary tutorial

now I have a big bedroom, and I keep arranging the stuffs, decorating, so it become comfortable to have a rest. Several moth ago I saw a cute topiary but I forgot the web address. And now I try to make it and post the tutorial also..:)
this is the materials,
pin, scissors, cutter and felt
oh, I forgot, the most important material is flower foam. You have to form it as a ball before you use it as a base of topiary.

flower foam
1. The first step is, cut the felt into round shape
2. Cut it this way,

3. Twist the felt

4. Pin the felt to the flower foam, and cover all of the surface with rossette.

5. Yeaaaay...It's done..!!!

I'm blessed

Hey, it’s been a long time since my las post..:( the reason is because of my moving to this small city called PRABUMULIH. It is located about 93 km from PALEMBANG, SOUTH SUMATERA. Although this is a small city, but I am enjoy living here. I can wake  up late and go to the office 5 minutes before office hour without TRAFFIC JAM. I can go jogging every weekend and having a beautiful morning with dew on the grass. I can go to the traditional market and cook my favorite menu. I have a good atmosphere at office and also very nice and helpful friends. How complete my life now .thank god..:)