Friday, December 31, 2010

road to 2011

New years eve is coming..and it will be celebrated in a new place, new friends and new environment. As your information : my new years eve will be in the middle of the drilling rig exactly..!!Sigh, no fireworks, no best friends beside me, no family..only a lonely night comes to me..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Chocolate strawberry pouch

This pouch was made only in 1 express project,haha.
I really love the color. Seems like chocolate and strawberry cream. That's why I named chocolate strawberry pouch.
wanna see the detail?

I took this picture while it's on going

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New cloth for my external hard disk

Dunno what to make from a ball of this yarn, I bought it from Festival Rajut Indonesia 2010.
want some? just click here
then I remember that my driver need a new cloth!Why don't I use the yarn.
Just by a simple pattern and basic crochet stitches,
 TADAAaaa..this is my new driver's cloth!

Super Easy Fabric Rose Corsage Tutorial

 Several days ago I accompanied my mom to her seamstress and look what I've got! Fabric waste.
-- this fabric waste will be a cute accessories --
-- just follow the steps bellow and you will have a cute stuff --

1. Cut the fabric, the measurements depend on your plan, for this tutorial I cut 20 cm x 4 cm 
(you can explore your own)

2. Fold the fabric in half and sew a running stitch close to the edge.
3. Gather the folded fabric by pulling the thread.
4. Fold and roll one of the end of the fabric as the center point, keep rolling until the rose formed
5. Stitch the bottom securely to avoid the rose unravel.
6. Tadaaaaaa...Fabric Rose finished

To beautify the rose, you can add some of beads or artificial pearl at the center of the rose. Look at this!

another rose...and this is a memo magnet 
aren't they cute?

Sunday, October 17, 2010

fabric pom-pom necklace

as I wrote before, I am still falling in love in making fabric flower corsage. I can't stop my hand from cutting, sewing and glueing. look at what I've made..!

I got the tutotial from here 

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I just back from trip to yogyakarta. I went to yogya for some reason. the first was packing and moving from my boarding house to my parent house in riau because i have to move to jakarta for occupational reason. I'm so sad leaving many unforgottable moments, beautiful places, best friends. but this is life. we have to get out from comfort zone to have a wonderful life.
the second reason was attending my beloved cousin's wedding party. it was on 10.10.10. what a beautiful date...! and here are the bride and groom. They are perfect! :D

Friday, October 1, 2010

Surprisingly friday

This evening i got a phone call from a friends of mine. It was shocking me because he told that the announcement has been published!!I've been waiting this announcement for 3 months, and finally today (oct,1st)  a good news comes to me. Brighten my day towards. Next month will be my first day in working, can't wait to start! My job will be on the one of the biggest oil and gas company in this country.Dear mom and dad thanks for supporting me and pray for me..I'm glad to see your smile when i told the news to you.. :D

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I am falling in love in making flower corsage recently

Flower corsage is used to complete your appearance. It can be applied as hair clip or pinned to your dress. Few days ago I learned how to make a fabric flower corsage. I used cotton fabric as the material. This is the result!

I still make it in several colors, wanna see..?just wait..heheee..^^

Friday, September 17, 2010

Creamy Bag

I just finished this bag after postpone doing this project for a month. I like the color so much. The color combination of this bag makes me want to eat ice cream everyday..!hahahaa...cream for vanilla, pink for strawberry and purple for blueberry..slluuurppp...

ummi's clay couple

Yesterday I told you about ummu's new hobby, today I will tell you about ummi's new hobby. I started to taught ummi how to make some creations with clay this morning. First of all, I made my own clay. Simple clay, the ingredients are PVAC glue, wheat flour and rice flour. Mix it together by your hands. Simple clay was done, and ummi started to make her creation.

after few minutes, whaallllaaaa..this is it..!! a couple teen magnet..

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Purple handphone case

Yesterday i taught my little twin sister ummu & ummi (8 YO) how to sew using sewing machine. It was fun..! ummu was more curious than ummi, she was easily learned. I just taught her once, and she did it well.. She always has a big curiousity in making handicraft. This morning, she asked me to teach her how to crochet. WOW..I surprised..!! For the beginner I will teach how to make the chain stitch. The making of chain stitch will be repeated until the size of stitches similiar each others. When ummu did her tasks (making long chain), I explored my skill in crochetting. I tried to make Hand Phone Case to replace my silicon case. It's done in 2 hours. Wanna see my new Hand Phone Case..?? This is it..!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cute Robot

"Hey,,hello..I'm cute robot from mars..I come here to mess your day..beep bep beeep.."

Yeeeaaayy this is it..!! Cute Robot Hand phone do you think..??is it scary you..?oooh please, course's cute isn't it..??Purple combined with cream, sooo nice..!!I like this so much. (^_^)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Blossom phone strap

Here is cute accessories for your phone..!! this phone strap called as blossom phone strap. It is available on four color, purlpe, blue, pink, and green. I made all of this stuff  by crochet technique with love.. :). if you wanna have this stuff don't  hesitate to contact me at :) , I'll make it for you dear.. you also can pick your favorite color for blossom phone strap..happy sight seeing..^_^

purple blossom phone strap
blue blossom phone strap
pink blossom phone strap
green blossom phone strap

Monday, September 13, 2010

Learning how to get the best shoot

It has been started from 2 months ago (july 2010). I went home and found my dad's new camera. Yeeaayy..I found a new toy..!! will be my second toy after the hook and yarns to kill my time at home. I woke up early every morning to get the best shoot of  beautiful flowers around my garden. Honestly my garden wasn't planted by various colour of flower and plant, mostly are grass, green plant and fruits tree. Here I caught some colourful flower for you from my best shoot (i guess it was my best shoot) hahahaaa..:p

This flower is known as morning glory flower, I found it at my back yard. It was located near the trash you believe it..? yaaa...thats true..! with a little splash water from rain fallen down last night it looks so fresh isn't it. Like this pict sooo much..!! I still use this picture as my lappy's background picture since it has been taken.

Starting my blog :)

Well, i always dream about to have a blog..I have so much difficulties to start my blog. Do you want to know what else are they..?hahaa..the first reason was TIME, now I already finish my thesis, so i have more time to write a blog..the second was the problem of writing, yeah i'm not good at writing, its difficult to arrange word by word become to a paragraph...hahahaa...I have a bad score in writing class. The third was I have no idea what would be a main subject in my blog and the other reason is not going to be discussed here because it wasn't important to say..

Yeaay..finally I found something will be my my main subject in this blog..!! it will be my HOBBY...:) hurraayy...
My biggest hobby which can make me forget anything in this world is CROCHET. Yaa..I am a CROCHET addicted. I learn crochet first time at high school. My beloved teacher taught me how to crochet a bag just by using a simple techniques, Chain and Double Crochet. I started to explore my crochet skills for the second time while i was in the last year of university. yes, I leaved crochet for 3 years, but I still remember the basic techniques. I found some basic crochet books at the book store and tried to make some projects.'s work..!! my projects was done..untill now I still CROCHETTING a lot..everyday i keep my time for crochet. So you are going o find out my projects here..! :D