Thursday, October 21, 2010

Super Easy Fabric Rose Corsage Tutorial

 Several days ago I accompanied my mom to her seamstress and look what I've got! Fabric waste.
-- this fabric waste will be a cute accessories --
-- just follow the steps bellow and you will have a cute stuff --

1. Cut the fabric, the measurements depend on your plan, for this tutorial I cut 20 cm x 4 cm 
(you can explore your own)

2. Fold the fabric in half and sew a running stitch close to the edge.
3. Gather the folded fabric by pulling the thread.
4. Fold and roll one of the end of the fabric as the center point, keep rolling until the rose formed
5. Stitch the bottom securely to avoid the rose unravel.
6. Tadaaaaaa...Fabric Rose finished

To beautify the rose, you can add some of beads or artificial pearl at the center of the rose. Look at this!

another rose...and this is a memo magnet 
aren't they cute?

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