Monday, November 21, 2011

My new toy!!

TADAAAA...!!this is my new toy...
finally I own this sewing machine..!
this is my dream since one year ago, but to make it real takes a lot of difficulties..
and now I have it..!yihaa...:)ii

Here is the first project I made using my new toy..

*it was about one and half month ago since my last post,
yeah right after posting "terrified" I got an accident on my way to home from the office. 
Could you see scars on my right cheek? that's the result of those accident.


  1. wa..wa..wa..congrats! congrats! finally, a Singer! ;D..anyway, how's the scars now? :)

  2. finally...!!!butuh pengorbanan nginep di rig seminggu pas lebaran uniii..huhuhuu...

    the scars is getting better sista..:) alhamdulillah