Saturday, February 18, 2012

Tosca Fever

I am totally in love with tosca or turquoise recently.
These are several things I've made with tosca but actually I still have more hihihi..
Several was made by me, and the other was the stuff that I hunt. 
Perfect match
Turquoise and pearl necklace
Tosca tile brooch
Tosca Monster
Tosca Hair Dryer
The color of my pocket cam is tosca too :D
a ball of tosca yarn
I loooove tosca


  1. aww, they're look so cute! i love your tosca monster :D

  2. thank you mbak indi..:)
    salam kenal yaa...

  3. Waahhh...bisa pas tosca smw mba...tosca monsternya imooeett bgt

  4. kunjungan gan.,.
    bagi" motivasi.,.
    kekurangan kita bukanlah sesuatu yang buruk .,..
    jadikanlah kekurangan kita sebagai kelebihan kita.,.
    di tunggu kunjungan gan.,.,