Monday, September 13, 2010

Starting my blog :)

Well, i always dream about to have a blog..I have so much difficulties to start my blog. Do you want to know what else are they..?hahaa..the first reason was TIME, now I already finish my thesis, so i have more time to write a blog..the second was the problem of writing, yeah i'm not good at writing, its difficult to arrange word by word become to a paragraph...hahahaa...I have a bad score in writing class. The third was I have no idea what would be a main subject in my blog and the other reason is not going to be discussed here because it wasn't important to say..

Yeaay..finally I found something will be my my main subject in this blog..!! it will be my HOBBY...:) hurraayy...
My biggest hobby which can make me forget anything in this world is CROCHET. Yaa..I am a CROCHET addicted. I learn crochet first time at high school. My beloved teacher taught me how to crochet a bag just by using a simple techniques, Chain and Double Crochet. I started to explore my crochet skills for the second time while i was in the last year of university. yes, I leaved crochet for 3 years, but I still remember the basic techniques. I found some basic crochet books at the book store and tried to make some projects.'s work..!! my projects was done..untill now I still CROCHETTING a lot..everyday i keep my time for crochet. So you are going o find out my projects here..! :D

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