Sunday, March 6, 2011

weekend journey

 "The bridge that spread above Musi River is becomes the main characteristic of Palembang city. It was built on 1962 - 1965. Ampera Bridge has 78m high of tower. However, the special feature of this bridge that it can be opened and closed, the mechanism is no longer working, whereas is fact, it is the only bridge in Indonesia with the open-and-closed mechanism. Now it is only history. The bridge has to be lifted up of the middle shares each time there every king sized ship, with height above nine meters, will pass by quickly. Both for going to downstream and also which going to the upstream."
yea..I was there..! 
I brought this bangle at the biggest department store in palembang. I fell in love with the's turqoise and gold..!

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  1. bagus banget gelangnya Tante....
    Dija belom pernah ke palembang nih